ARCH ENEMY To Release ‘1996 – 2017’ Deluxe Vinyl Box Set

Extreme metallers ARCH ENEMY will release a deluxe vinyl box set including all 10 studio albums and a bonus gatefold 2LP featuring covers and bonus tracks recorded between 1996 and 2017 on February 16, 2018. The hand-numbered box set also comes with a 36-page-booklet with liner notes. All albums are mastered for vinyl.

“1996 – 2017” will be available as a picture LP box set and also in the following vinyl colors:

* Black vinyl – limited to 1.500 copies
* Clear vinyl – limited to 100 copies, only available at CMDistro
* Transparent red vinyl – limited to 200 copies, only available at EMP
* Silver vinyl – limited to 100 copies, only available at Nuclear Blast
* Dark green vinyl – limited to 100 copies, only available at ST Records
* Picture vinyl – limited to 500 copies

Go to this location for all preorders.

ARCH ENEMY‘s latest album, “Will To Power”, was released on September 8 via Century Media. Co-produced by guitarist Michael Amott and drummer Daniel Erlandsson, the disc was mixed and mastered by longtime collaborator and friend Jens Bogren (OPETH, AT THE GATES, DIMMU BORGIR). The album’s cover artwork was designed by Alex Reisfar.

“Will To Power” marks the second ARCH ENEMY album since the departure of longtime singer Angela Gossow and addition of Alissa White-Gluz (formerly of THE AGONIST). It is also the first ARCH ENEMY disc to feature former NEVERMORE guitarist Jeff Loomis, who joined the band in late 2014.


REX BROWN To Record Album Of Covers

Former PANTERA Bassist REX BROWN To Record Album Of Covers

Former PANTERA bassist Rex Brown is planning to release an album of covers as the follow-up to his debut album, “Smoke On This…”. Asked what his next musical move will be, Brown told “Whiplash”, the KLOS radio show hosted by Full Metal Jackie: “I wanna continue in the direction I’m headed now. In fact, I’m gonna head into the studio and do some covers and just do a covers record — something to kind of fill… just [to release] more material and also to give the fans something cool.”

Rex recently completed a handful of German shows with his solo band, which consists of Joe Shadid on guitar, John Luke Hebert on drums, Francisco “Pancho” Tomaselli on bass and Lance Harvill on guitar.

Prior to embarking on the German tour, Rex played a one-off show at Mercy Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee on July 14.

Rex told “Whiplash”: I just got back from Germany, and it was, like, you can rehearse the band for two years, but until you get in front of that crowd… I didn’t even put that in perspective until we came in. [We] really didn’t have a lot of shows behind us, and we wanted to get in those little clubs, and get hot and sweaty and get the vibe, and by the time that we had finished, I wanted to stay for another three or four weeks. It’s invigorating as an artist to have that kind of freedom. We didn’t play any covers, didn’t do anything like that, and just stretched 43 minutes of music into, like, an hour and a half, an hour [and] 20 minutes, you know? And it felt great. It felt awesome. So it’s a process of building, you know, for what I wanna do right now.”

“Smoke On This…” was released on July 28 via Entertainment One (eOne). The disc marks the first time in Brown‘s career in which he serves as both lead vocalist and guitarist in a band.

Rex tracked lead vocals, rhythm guitars, and bass for the album, working with his primary collaborator and old friend Lance Harvill, a Nashville-based guitarist and songwriter, on the album’s songs. Drums were tracked by Christopher Williams, whose talent has been utilized by country music star Lee Greenwood, the reconstituted BLACKFOOT and, most recently, metal legends ACCEPT. The album was produced by New Yorker-turned-Nashville-transplant Caleb Sherman, a multi-instrumentalist who has worked on records by LITTLE BIG TOWN and PORTER BLOCK, among others.

DIMMU BORGIR To Release New Song ‘Interdimensional Summit’ As Seven-Inch Vinyl EP

Norwegian symphonic black metallers DIMMU BORGIR will release a new song, “Interdimensional Summit”, on February 23, 2018 as a seven-inch vinyl EP. The EP will also include a live version of the track “Puritania”, recorded in Oslo.

“Interdimensional Summit” will be available in the following vinyl colors:

* Black
* Red and clear splattered
* Gold

You can pre-order it here.

“Interdimensional Summit” is taken from DIMMU BORGIR‘s upcoming full-length album, which will be released in the spring via Nuclear Blast.

Guitarist Sven Atle Kopperud (a.k.a. Silenoz) told Metal Shock Finland about DIMMU BORGIR‘s long-awaited follow-up to 2010’s “Abrahadabra”: “We feel that we’re sitting on the best album that we could possibly do at this time, and personally, I think it’s definitely our best album to date. Obviously, that’s something that everybody says, but if I didn’t believe that we would do our best album, there wouldn’t really be any point doing a new one. So, yeah, I’m really excited about it, and I know that quite a few fans will probably be positively surprised. And, yeah, we can’t wait to get this stuff off the ground and get going.”

Silenoz told Rock ‘N’ Roll Journalist this past summer that all the writing on the new DIMMU BORGIR album was done by the core trio of Silenoz, vocalist Shagrath and guitarist Galder. “We had a little bit of assistance from the keyboard player, but it was less on this album than it was on the previous one,” Silenoz said. “That seems to be working best and it means there’s less cooks in the kitchen. [Laughs]”

As for the musical direction of DIMMU BORGIR‘s next effort, Silenoz, said: “I think it’s safe to say that [the parts that are] more epic and majestic are more epic and majestic, and the same goes for the brutal sound of DIMMU and also the primitive and more black metal sound of DIMMU is more black metal this time around. So you will have the more extremes of each part that we are known for.”

DIMMU BORGIR‘s latest release was the “Forces Of The Northern Night” DVD, which was made available in April via Nuclear Blast. The set contains two of the band’s live performances: their legendary show in Oslo, presenting DIMMU BORGIR on stage with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and a bombastic choir, as well as their entire performance at Wacken Open Air festival in 2012 in Wacken, Germany with almost a hundred musicians on stage.

MONSTER MAGNET Announces Spring 2018 European Headlining Tour

MONSTER MAGNET will embark on a European tour in May and June, visiting the biggest cities in Europe to promote its recently announced 11th album, “Mindfucker”.

Confirmed tour dates:

May 03 – Wiesbaden, Germany – Schlachthof
May 04 – Berlin, Germany – Desertfest Berlin
May 05 – Nijmegen, Netherlands – Doornroosje
May 06 – London, UK – Desertfest London
May 08 – Cologne, Germany – Live Music Hall
May 09 – Saarbrucken, Germany – Garage
May 11 – Bilbao, Spain – Santana 27
May 12 – Madrid, Spain – Sala Riviera
May 14 – Pratteln, Switzerland – Z7
May 15 – Milan, Italy – Alcatraz Club
May 16 – Bochum, Germany – Zeche
May 18 – Nuremburg, Germany – Hirsch
May 19 – Groningen, Netherlands – Vera
May 21 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Pumpehuset
May 22 – Stockholm, Sweden – Debaser Strand
May 23 – Oslo, Norway – Blâ
May 24 – Malmö, Sweden – Kulturbolaget (KB)
May 26 – Bremen, Germany – Schlachthof
May 28 – Leuven, Belgium – Het Depot
May 29 – Ghent, Belgium – Vooriut
May 31 – Manchester, UK – Gorilla
Jun. 01 – Glasgow, UK – The Garage
Jun. 02 – Belfast, UK – Limelight
Jun. 03 – Dublin, Ireland – The Tivoli

“Mindfucker” will be released on March 23, 2018 via Napalm. According to a press release, the disc “is different, a step forward and a step back at the same time to the almighty roots of hard rock music, kindled by the unpretentious proto-punk era. Up-tempo, savage in both sound and spirit, ‘Mindfucker’ is the real deal! The album has the potential to surprise and to whip up the love for the genre, while still giving the sludgies and stoner freaks exactly what they wish for in a new MONSTER MAGNET album.”

Commented MONSTER MAGNET leader Dave Wyndorf: “‘Mindfucker’ is a fuzzed out, headbangin’ celebration of hard rock and 21st Century paranoia. Ten fuel-injected, nitro-burning tracks of fiery rock ‘n’ roll and garage psych madness, all done MONSTER MAGNET style. It’s also an album that gets right to the point: the world is out of its fucking mind and I’m livin’ it…. for better or worse. It’s simple, really. In these crazy times, I’ve been wanting to just drive my car at 100 miles per hour and howl, you know what I mean? So I wrote songs I can do that with. And with lyrics that don’t deny the times we’re living in. Feels good, feels right. Rock is alive, baby!”

MONSTER MAGNET guitarist Phil Caivano told Metal Express Radio in May that the band’s follow-up to 2013’s “Last Patrol” was “very aggressive, very straight-ahead, very ‘Detroit.’ Once again, [it’s] back to some of our American roots. We did the ‘space rock’ thing on the last couple of records. Being the huge HAWKWIND fans we are, AMON DÜÜL fans, GROUNDHOGS fans… that whole thing. ‘Last Patrol’ was very, very influenced by space rock, and there’ll always be elements of space rock in MONSTER MAGNET stuff, but we brought it back to what we were influenced by as kids, which would be the Detroit thing: STOOGES, MC5, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD. Very punchy, American… That’s really what it is. All I can say is the word ‘Detroit’ always keeps coming to mind.”

“Mindfucker” track listing:

01. Rocket Freak
02. Soul
03. Mindfucker
04. I’m God
05. Drowning
06. Ejection
07. Want Some
08. Brainwashed
09. All Day Midnight
10. When The Hammer Comes Down

MONSTER MAGNET performed the “Mindfucker” title track during its European tour last spring. Fan-filmed video footage can be seen below.

MONSTER MAGNET‘s last release was “Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)”, which came out in October 2015. The album was dubbed an “alternative listening experience” to the band’s 2010 effort “Mastermind”. The approach was similar to what MONSTER MAGNET did in 2014 when they took “Last Patrol”, pulled the songs apart and rebuilt them as “Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol”.


Dave Wyndorf (vocals, guitar)
Garrett Sweeny (guitar)
Phil Caivano (guitar)
Chris Kosnik (bass)
Bob Pantella (drums)

SAULT To Release ‘Seeds Of Power’ Album In March

Rhythm-driven heavy rock band SAULT — featuring members of internationally acclaimed power metal group KAMELOT and groove metal outfit ARCANIUM, and guest appearances by members of KING DIAMOND, ONE EYED DOLL and more — will release its debut full-length album, “Seeds Of Power”, on March 2, 2018. Pre-orders are now available via

SAULT originally formed in 2014 as a solo project of acclaimed bassist Sean Tibbetts, who sought to write hookier metallic rock music while not in the studio or touring with his full-time band KAMELOT. After deciding to branch the project out to a full band, Tibbetts joined forces with solo guitarist/tattooist Curtis Jay, and — after an introduction via ONE EYED DOLL and SAULT guest vocalist Kimberly Freeman — linked up with singer Benjamin Riggs of groove metal group ARCANIUM. “Seeds Of Power” features the talents of two rotating drummers — Matt Thompson (KING DIAMOND) and Casey Grillo (KAMELOT).

SAULT is kicking things off with the release of a music video for the catchy heavy rock track “Adonai”. The clip was filmed by Bad Trip Films and produced by Roy Warner in Detroit, Michigan.

Tibbetts says: “‘Adonai’ is one of my favorite songs to play. It is just flat-out raw fun. The song is about a hero running from and eventually doing battle with an ancient creature. While fighting he screams out to his god for strength, ‘Adonai’. I say creature because I didn’t want to use the ‘D’ word… dragon. There it is I said it. I didn’t want it to be a dungeons-and-dragons song, so we’ll go with creature.”

Tibbetts offers more information about the clip: “When we set out to do the video, we all agreed to go with a performance video but with the lighting similar to the video game Goldfinger. I think Roy and his crew did a great job accomplishing the texture and lighting we were going for in the scenes.

“Viewers should note — Casey Grillo played drums on the track but couldn’t make the video shoot so we asked our friend Chris Burrows to fill in on the drums. He did a great job. No surprise, since he is an amazing drummer!”

SAULT draws influence from the heyday of ’90s alternative and grunge rock — ebbing and flowing with inspiration from bands like TOOL, LIVING COLOUR, SEVENDUST, SOUNDGARDEN and beyond — and accented by a further heavy metal impact. The sound is catchy and hard-hitting that will appeal to diehard rock fans and metal headbangers alike.

“Seeds Of Power” track listing:

01. Balance *
02. Guilt ^
03. Adonai ^
04. Entropy (feat. guest vocals by Kimberly Freeman of One Eyed Doll) *
05. Fragile ^
06. Peaceful Moment ^
07. Save Myself ^
08. Last Man Standing *
09. Null Space *

* feat. guest drummer Matt Thompson (KING DIAMOND)
^ feat. guest drummer Casey Grillo (KAMELOT)

“Seeds Of Power” was recorded using the power of the Internet, with different members recording their parts in Florida, Kentucky, Colorado and Texas. The album was then produced, mixed and mastered by Oliver Palotai (KAMELOT, ULI JON ROTH, DORO) in Stuttgart, Germany. Vocal tracking is credited to Adam Stewart of ARCANIUM and additional vocal edits were made by Jason Sewell of ONE EYED DOLL. Contributing writers on the album include Kole Kruger, Vic DeLeon and Jeff Garner.


Rocklahoma, presented by Bud Light, is set for Friday, May 25, Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, May 27, 2018 at “Catch the Fever” Festival Grounds in Pryor, Oklahoma, just outside Tulsa. The 12th year of America’s Biggest Memorial Day Weekend Party will feature performances from a slew of top rock artists, including A PERFECT CIRCLE, GODSMACK, POISON, CHEAP TRICK, GHOST, THE CULT, HALESTORM, Vince Neil, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, I PREVAIL, CLUTCH, THE USED, UNDEROATH, Machine Gun Kelly, CINDERELLA‘s Tom Keifer and many more.

The three-day camping festival features the best new rock artists and classic bands performing on four stages, to keep the music going all night long. With onsite camping amenities and unparalleled VIP packages, Rocklahoma lives up to its motto of “Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Rock.”

The Rocklahoma 2018 band lineup is as follows (subject to change):


Rocklahoma will be hosted by Eddie Trunk.

Says GODSMACK‘s Sully Erna: “Hey Rocklahoma! It’s Sully from GODSMACK! We’re stoked to announce the band’s return to Rocklahoma this May! This will be our first time back since 2015 and we can’t wait to rock your faces off! See ya there, Okies!”

Added POISON‘s Bret Michaels: “I am beyond excited to return to Rocklahoma on Memorial Day Weekend. It is one of my favorite music festivals that I have headlined both as a solo artist with the BRET MICHAELS BAND and with POISON. It is going to be a party sharing the stage with such great bands and it is an honor to have three generations of fans rocking along with us; That is a great night of music.”

“Every year we try to raise the bar on the Rocklahoma experience for the fans,” commented executive producer Joe Litvag. “Our 2018 lineup does just that, as we welcome back Bret Michaels with the original lineup of the legendary rock band POISON, making their first appearance here since 2011, along with heavyweights GODSMACK, CHEAP TRICK and THE CULT. We’re also thrilled to welcome several Rocklahoma first-timers like A PERFECT CIRCLE, GHOST, I PREVAIL, YELAWOLF and THE USED to round out an incredibly diverse weekend of rock. There’s literally something for every type of rock fan at this festival.”

Rocklahoma General Admission and VIP tickets (including layaway options), as well as Premier Packages, Hotel Packages and Camping options are on sale now at Fans are encouraged to buy early and save.

New for Rocklahoma 2018: Each ticket price level has a limited number of tickets available, so attendees can save more by buying earlier. Ticket prices will automatically move to the next price level once a price allotment sells out. The layaway purchase option also allows fans to split the ticket cost into four monthly payments. Limited quantities of Groupie and Roadie VIP Packages and the Rockstar Hotel Package are also still available. Please visit for details. General Admission and VIP camping is also available at checkout, by calling (866) 310-2288, or emailing

Current ticket pricing levels are as follows while supplies last:

* Weekend General Admission: $129.00 plus fees
* Monster Energy Weekend General Admission 4-Pack: $436.00 plus fees
* Weekend VIP Reserved Tickets (comes with food & drink): $429.00 plus fees
* Premier Packages start at $695 plus fees
* Note: All Weekend tickets are for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Specially priced tickets for Rocklahoma are available for active military through partner GovX while supplies last.

For fans who attended the festival in 2017, those Rocklahoma purchasers may continue to use their credit redemption link until it expires. Weekend Reserved VIP purchasers will have until 5:00 p.m. CST on Thursday, December 14 to use their credit and Weekend GA purchasers will have until Friday, December 22 at 11:59 p.m. CST to use their credit. For more info, please e-mail

The campgrounds are a unique part of the Rocklahoma experience, with an endless party running around the clock. The Rocklahoma campgrounds will be open from Sunday, May 20 at noon CDT through Tuesday, May 29 at noon CDT. Festival doors open at 2:00 p.m. daily on May 25, 26 and 27. Note: Camping is only available with weekend ticket purchases.

Rocklahoma is produced by AEG Presents and is part of the World’s Loudest Month concert series, which features the biggest names in rock music performing in six U.S. events in distinct atmospheres during five consecutive weekends in April and May of 2018.

Rocklahoma is located just 45 minutes northeast of Tulsa, in Pryor, Oklahoma. The “Catch the Fever” Festival Grounds is a premier destination for a multi-day festival and includes onsite camping with access to restrooms and shower house, a general store for campers, VIP reserved seating, hospitality areas and much more.

SONS OF APOLLO Bulgarian Concert W/ Orchestra To Be Recorded For Release

SONS OF APOLLO — the new progressive metal supergroup featuring former DREAM THEATER bandmates Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian, as well as guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (ex-GUNS N’ ROSES), bassist Billy Sheehan (MR. BIG, THE WINERY DOGS) and vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (W.E.T., TALISMAN) — will perform alongside an orchestra during their concert appearance at the Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on September 22, 2018. That night, the group will perform two sets — one of which, says Portnoy, will be a “very special covers set” — and record the show for a future live CD/DVD. Tickets are available at this location.The concert falls one year to the day that Devin Townsend — who, like SONS OF APOLLO, is managed by Andy Farrow of Northern Music — performed with an orchestra at the same venue to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of his landmark album “Ocean Machine”. OPETH and PARADISE LOST, two other clients of Farrow‘s, have also performed orchestra-accompanied shows there the past, as have ASIA and APOCALYPTICA.

According to Wikipedia, the Roman theatre of Plovdiv — the second-largest city in Bulgaria — is one of the world’s best-preserved ancient theatres. Constructed in the 1st Century, the venue has a capacity of between 5,000 and 7,000.

In a recent interview with Chile’s Video Volante, Portnoy said that once he finished touring with SHATTERED FORTRESS — a group he assembled in commemoration of his 50th birthday to perform DREAM THEATER‘s “Twelve-Step Suite” at select shows around the world — he would turn his focus forward. “It’s kind of like closure,” he said. “I don’t plan on revisiting DREAM THEATER material; I haven’t revisited DREAM THEATER material since I left the band; so this is kind of like a one-time thing for me and the fans to finally get to experience this.”

He appeared to walk back from those comments during a subsequent interview with May The Rock Be With You during SHATTERED FORTRESS‘s recent tour of Australia. “I’ll probably revisit some of the material with SONS OF APOLLO, the stuff Derek [Sherinian, keyboards] and I did together [while in DREAM THEATER], so I mean, of course, I still have free rein to do whatever I want. If I want to revisit a song here and there, yeah, but this is safe to say this is the last time I’ll do a full tour and a full show of DREAM THEATER material.”

SONS OF APOLLO‘s debut album, “Psychotic Symphony”, was released on October 20 via InsideOut Music.