BLOOD DIVISIONS To Release ‘Cardinal One’ EP In March

On March 24, BLOOD DIVISIONS — a collaborative project of heavy metal musicians with proceeds going to Rock And Rescue — will release its new EP, “Cardinal One”, via Metal Blade Records. Featuring cover songs of classic tracks as well as original material, “Cardinal One” can be pre-ordered at, where the album track and cover version of UFO‘s “Hot ‘N’ Ready” can be streamed.

Founded by core members Chris Jericho (FOZZY, WWE), David Austin (NASTY SAVAGE), and Ed Aborn (INTERSONIC CYBER SYMPHONY), BLOOD DIVISIONS features a roster of supporting musicians who are current or former members of bands such as OBITUARY, DEATH, NASTY SAVAGE, SIX FEET UNDER, ICED EARTH, SEBASTIAN BACH, DEICIDE, MASSACRE, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, and more. The result is a mixture of classics injected with new energy and original music in the mold of Florida’s heavy metal roots.

BLOOD DIVISIONS is the perfect heavy metal snack mix,” says singer and executive producer Chris Jericho. “It’s a complete blend of balls-out thrash, virtuoso technique and ’70s hard rock melodies. It’s an honor to be a part of this project, as I’d be a fan even if I wasn’t in the band! Plus I love machine elves.”

“The project began purely as a creative outlet to have some fun and pay homage to some of the bands that influenced or inspired us,” adds Aborn. “Once we began, though, friends from the Florida metal community started to reach out and ask if they could join in. Eventually we decided to make it semi-official and do it all for charity.”

Austin comments: “Absolute pleasure working with all my friends on here. For them to take their time out of their busy schedule and to do something for free for charity means everything to me. Hopefully I get to do it all over again!!!!”

“Cardinal One” track listing:

01. The Morgue (NASTY SAVAGE cover)
02. Hot ‘N’ Ready (UFO cover)
03. March Of The Machine Elves
04. Top Of The Bill (SCORPIONS cover)
05. Return To The Garden Of Temptation
06. No Sympathy (NASTY SAVAGE cover)



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