‘It’s Gonna Be A Few Years’ Before SLIPKNOT Releases Proposed Double Concept CD

COREY TAYLOR: 'It's Gonna Be A Few Years' Before SLIPKNOT Releases Proposed Double Concept AlbumSLIPKNOT singer Corey Taylor says that it will take “a few years” for the band to write and record its proposed double concept album to follow last year’s “.5: The Gray Chapter”.

“.5: The Gray Chapter” was released in October 2014 following a six-year hiatus during which founding SLIPKNOT bassist Paul Gray died and original drummer Joey Jordison was dismissed. Since the CD’s release, several of the SLIPKNOT band members, including guitarists Jim Root and Mick Thomson, have expressed hope that the group could record the follow-up effort sooner than expected, with Root claiming in recent interviews to have already begin compiling ideas for SLIPKNOT‘s next release.

SLIPKNOT percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan recently told BBC Radio 1‘s “Rock Show” that he would love to see the band record a double concept album in the vein of PINK FLOYD‘s “The Wall” and THE BEATLES“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, with a movie to go along with the project. He said: “I’ve been on Jim, and I’m just, like, ‘Man, we’ve gotta write an art record. We’ve gotta write our ‘Wall’‘Sgt. Pepper’s’… whatever you wanna say. And that’s where I’m at. We’ve got so many records on our record deal. We’ve done five. I’d love it if we could do a double album, just… interludes… Have a concept, [and] maybe make a movie. I mean, things that have all been done, things that have all been done before, but… you know, our way, our interpretation. That would be a grand slam for the Clown. Don’t get me wrong: we’d still do our thing. We’re still gonna be SLIPKNOT.”

During a brand new interview with the Albany, New York radio station Q103, Taylor stated about SLIPKNOT‘s plans to release a double concept album: “We’re talking about it. [Crahan] and I and Jim have been talking about what would be next. And the idea that we had was to kind of come up with the concept and then provide the soundtrack for it. But then I told them the other day… I was, like, ‘Let’s take it even further and let’s make our ‘Purple Rain’, let’s make our PINK FLOYD ‘The Wall’.’ With a movie — not just the album, but do the movie… like, do everything. And they were pretty into it. Yeah, I mean, it’s gonna be a few years before we even get into that, but just the fact that we’re laying the steps for it now just means that we’re right back to where we were, which is just being five steps ahead of the game.”

As previously reported, Taylor said in a recent interview with RockSverige.se that SLIPKNOT will take a “couple of years off” after completing the tour cycle for “.5: The Gray Chapter”. Taylor explained, “We’re gonna finish touring and then we’re gonna take a couple of years off again to let everything chill. I’m gonna go do my thing, [and] everybody else’s gonna go do their thing… then, in a couple of years, we’ll get back together and see what happens again.”

Taylor‘s “thing” is STONE SOUR, which has two more covers EPs in the works following this spring’s “Meanwhile In Burbank… Taylor told The Pulse Of Radio that he’s written “about eight songs” for the follow-up to the band’s 2012 double concept album, “House Of Gold And Bones”. He said: “I’ve got a bunch of new songs, bunch of new music written. Everybody in the band has stuff. So we’re gonna start kind of putting that together early next year, kind of just trying to get demos together to see where we’re at. And then maybe in the fall go in and start making a new album.”

Following the “Meanwhile In Burbank…” EP, STONE SOUR plans to release two more EPs of cover songs in the near future, with the first one titled “Straight Out Of Burbank” and the second called “No Sleep ‘Till Burbank”.

STONE SOUR‘s last collection of original music, “House Of Gold And Bones”, was a double concept album released in two parts in 2012 and 2013.

SLIPKNOT‘s “Summer’s Last Stand” tour kicked off on July 24 in West Palm Beach, Florida, wrapping up six weeks later on September 5 in Dallas.


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