SLASH’s ‘The Hell Within’ Horror Movie To Go Into Production In January

SLASH's 'The Hell Within' Horror Movie To Go Into Production In JanuaryCasting for Slash‘s second effort as a film producer, a horror movie called “The Hell Within”, has started, and the film is tentatively scheduled to go into production in January 2016.

“The Hell Within” follows a woman from New York on a quest into the heart of the Brazilian jungle to save a missing girl, only to discover that the child was just the beginning. The film will be directed by Dennison Ramalho (ABC‘s “Of Death 2”), written by Jeff Buhler (“The Midnight Meat Train”), and produced by Slash, in partnership with Benito Mueller and Wolfgang Mueller of Barry Films.

“[2013’s] ‘Nothing Left To Fear’ was really my first go, and it was a crash course in learning the film business,” Slash told Kerrang! magazine at last weekend’s Download festival (see video below). “And I learned a lot in a short amount of time; it was a very hard movie to make. And, having done that, I’ve amassed a lot of different great people to work with, and so now I’ve got a great crew working on this new movie. And it’s a really fucking awesome story, an amazing script. And so we’re casting now and it goes into production… We were gonna do it this summer, but I’m touring and I wanna be there for this. So we’re gonna do it in January.”

“The Hell Within” will be released in Barco Escape, the multi-screen, panoramic movie format from Barco, the maker of digital-cinema technology.

“If you love going to a theater to see a movie like I do, the Barco Escape panoramic technology is a game changer,” says Slash. “It’s totally immersive and brings the movie going experience to a whole new level. I’m really excited to be developing my next horror movie ‘The Hell Within’ in partnership with Barco Escape.”

“The horror genre thrives on placing viewers inside the action, which pairs extremely well with Barco Escape,” says Ted Schilowitz, Barco‘s CinemaVangelist. “We’re excited to partner with such a legendary artist as Slash and the team at Barry Films on a project that will bring a heightened level of realism to horror through this immersive movie watching experience.”

Barco Escape debuted in theaters in September with director Wes Ball and 20th Century Fox‘s hit film “The Maze Runner”, which featured select scenes in the three-screen format.

“Nothing Left To Fear” was the first movie released through the Slasher Films banner. It was made available in 2013 via VOD and home video, with a limited theatrical run as well. Slash told The Pulse Of Radio not long ago what attracted him to becoming a movie producer. “I didn’t set out one day and go, ‘Hey, you know, I’d really like to produce movies’ and make some phone calls,” he said. “It was sort of dropped into my lap by another producer. And I really wasn’t sure, you know, I didn’t know if I had the aptitude for it, you know — like, what exactly does that entail? But from a creative point of view, I was all over it, and so I just sort of jumped in and found that it didn’t feel all that different than the way I feel when I’m making music.”


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